“We’ve got a better way than fight or flight! We’ve got the power rooted in what’s right. Tuned to channel insight Flashing inner light – We’re the rad dudes with the dyna-kinda might”

BULLYPROOF is program born out of the Future WAVE organization.  Future WAVE surveyed the field of conflict resolution, condensed the various concepts into ten key “shields” and developed them into a simple easy-to-remember acronym: BULLYPROOF. We made each letter stand for an animal character demonstrating a more powerful tool than violence. Then we developed BULLYPROOF SHIELD puppet shows and plays to make learning those ten steps easy, fun and entertaining.

Sometimes Bullying is not about anger or disagreements.  Bullies, including some who were themselves victems of abuse, may dominate or torment other kids merely because they are seen as weak or unassertive.  The first line of defense in these cases is to use  STAND. We recommend that our BULLYPROOF SKILLS be used as only one part of a broader program to create a “carring community,” a safe school environment in which kids and bystanders stand up and say “No!” to bullying behavior.

Our BULLYPROOF acronym gives kids a way to channel their anger into more effective and pursuasive techniques than intimidation or violence.  Many are excited to discover these tools as a powerful way to resolve conflicts and get their needs met.